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About iolloi

iolloi was born from an idea: to provide a simple and comfortable smart home system for people all over the world.


Our story:

Officially established in 2020, the preparation time of the brand “iolloi” can be traced back to 2016. In the preparatory stage, we conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with large and small companies in the smart home industry. It was during this period that we clarified the brand vision of iolloi: always committed to providing consumers all over the world with a comfortable and convenient smart home experience. The world is constantly changing, and all aspects of our lives are facing high-speed informatization. In such an era, smart homes are bringing earth-shaking changes to people's lives.


iolloi in 2020:

Rome was not built in a day. In 2020, we choose to start from the lighting industry to conceive the product line of iolloi. Our team has recruited several technicians with more than 30 years of experience in the lighting field. Throughout 2020, we have launched advanced trailing edge dimmer switches, universal dimmer switches, Zigbee smart dimmer switches, cord dimmers and dimmer sockets. Within 1 year, our products have achieved very good results on amazon.com. Iolloi has revolutionized the lighting system of many consumers' homes. Consumers from Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe have expressed their full recognition and trust in our brand.


We are moving steadily towards our goal:

Although the past year was a good start for iolloi, we are not satisfied with it. In the past year, we have discovered the pain points and needs of many consumers. We are no longer satisfied with communicating with our customers through third-party platforms. In order to achieve our initial goal, we hope to be more direct to consumers, establish more direct contact with them, listen to their ideas about our products, and understand how to make iolloi better. So iolloi.co.uk came into being.


In 2021, we will get involved in more smart home industries and further expand our R&D team and our own factories. At the same time, iolloi does not want to be just a company that only provides products. In the past year, we have found that: in our user group, there are experienced DIY veterans, and there are also DIY novices who have encountered difficulties. There are many high-quality customers who share a lot of knowledge in our product reviews, but for various reasons, not everyone can see those high-quality content. Therefore, iolloi hopes to build a community where DIY enthusiasts can communicate freely. At the same time, iolloi.co.uk will open up a blog section to regularly provide popular science knowledge and tutorials for novices interested in DIY. We sincerely invite you to join our community and grow with our brand!

Contact Us:

Address: Room 1709 , Huada Taihe Plaza, Huada Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, China

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