Question: how do you set the lowest level of light ?
Answer: Reset the min. bright level:
1. Switch on and set the dimmer knob to the MINIMUM position (turn fully anti-clockwise).
2. Push the knob for 8 times.
3. The lights will will step up and down in brightness for twice to show that the dimmer is in CONFIGURA-TION MODE, then either stay at a low light level or go off.

Question: I have three wires, two live and one earth wire. Where do I plug my earth wire since there is no neutral hole?
You should get an electrician or other competent person to wire your new switch if you are uncertain.
If you insist on carrying on, the live wires go to the L1 & L2 terminals & the earth wire goes to the metal or plastic back box earth terminal.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you don't electrocute yourself
By IJL on 21 October 2020

Question: Will this be ok with 5 amazon 14w (100w equivalent) lamps off the same switch, ie 70w?
Answer: The quoted power capacity is 3w to 100w, so your 5 bulbs at 14w each is well within that range, so you should be fine with this dimmer.
By JMcG on 31 December 2020

Question: Does it come with white screw hole covers?
Answer: Yes, with white screw hole cover

Question: we have two switches for one light, would this be suitable?
Answer:It is a two way dimmer switch so yes. I have a switch by the main door and this dimmer by another. Both switches control the light. This dimmer works with that set up although only, obviously, you can only dim the light using the dimmer.
By Amytomsam on 07 July 2020

Question:Will it fit into a 25mm pattress box?
Answer:Yes, it fits perfectly in a 25mm-deep box.

Question: After reading the review, I have some question. 2 dimmers in one circuit will cause short ciucuit and blow fuses?
Answer: Yes
By Amytomsam on 19 August 2020


Question: I have followed the instructions to set the minimum brightness. i do not get the results as described in step 3. the switch does not enter config’

Answer: I admit the instructions are not very clear. However I set the minimum light thus:-connect up the dimmer switch in accordance with the instructions. Set the control knob in approx mid position. Turn the lights on by pressing the knob and turn the knob anticlockwise until you get the minimum setting you require. Press the knob in, (lights go off). Press knob again and wait while lights come on, probably too bright, (don't worry). Press knob once more, lights will go off. Press knob in again, wait and lights should come on with a brightness you orginally set, and turning the knob fully anticlockwise will keep them at this level of brightness. turning the knob fully clockwise will give you the max brightness. Hope this works for you. see less
By Mr. M. P. Telford on 14 October 2020


Question: What’s the distance between the screw holes please?

Answer: The centres are six cm apart and my switch fitted the existing pattress box exactly.
By Robert on 08 October 2020

Question: I have 3 wires. Brown, black and grey?
Answer:  A picture of how these were wired on the existing switch would have been useful. Also, is the light 2 way wired? The fact that you have 3 wires suggests that it is 2 way( 2 switches control the light) so this would normally mean brown is live and connects to the common terminal and black and grey connect to l1 and l2 however your colours are not correct for either the old or new harmonized wiring schemes. I would suggest you get a qualified electrician to check the wiring and install the switch if you have any doubts.
By David Richards on 18 April 2021

Question: Will this be suitable for dimming 8 led downlights each 100 watt? Thanks
Answer:Firstly you need to ensure the LED bulbs are dimmable. The load required to run this dimmer is 3 ro 100 watts. So on that basis if your bulbs are 100watts each this switch would only run one of your bulbs. 100watts is unusually high for an LED bulb. Check if the 100 watt is not the equivalent wattage. Usually LED lights are lower wattage for an equivalent incandescent or halogen buld. Hope this helps.
By R. J. Shaw on 08 November 2020